Thursday, September 4, 2008

Calling John McCain!

We had my in-laws over for supper tonight, and Mama, who usually likes to sit and visit, was in quite a rush to get home in order to see John McCain speak at the convention tonight (on TV... we're too far from the Cities and didn't have tickets anyway). Mind you, she had an hour and a half before he was scheduled to be on the air, but she was excited to see John McCain.

Well, her enthusiasm spilled over to her grandson who continued to discuss John McCain until bed time. Luke also picked up a toy phone so he could "call" John McCain. "Hello? John McCain? Are you there? Grandma wants to see you. You coming over here?"

Yep, Republican to the core!

Luke, one month, at his first Republican Caucus

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precious grandma said...

I love it! Wait until Susanna calls Sarah Palin...or follows in her footsteps! I can see it now! Maybe her t-shirt "future president" will come true!