Thursday, September 4, 2008

Carter Get Together

A week or so back, we had a get-together at the farm before Carla and the girls went back to Canada. It was great, being with so much of Tony's family (really, it was!), but we did miss Al, Clinton, Paul and his family, and Rita and her family. Here are some shots of those that were there...I got MOST everyone before the camera died (didn't get Beth, Steven, Hazel, Julia, or me)!
In the next day or so, I'll post some pics from our trip down Straight River as well as some pics from the Guatemalan Feed put on by Dwight, Juan, and Jose! YUMMY great food!
Susanna and Maggie Kay Carter
Elisabeth, friend, Olivia, and Katherine Kehler
Mama, Dwight, Dad, and Carla
Samuel Carter

Luke Carter

Maggie Kay Carter

Tessa Carter

Juan and Jose, Mark and Tony Carter


liz said...

Nice looking family, you Carters!

Martha said...

I don't know why, but that picture of all the Carters sitting there looking up into the sky just cracks me up! What in the world are they all looking at ... except for Mama who did what she was told and smiled at the camera!

LindaSue said...

I know! They ARE nice looking and in the one photo, it almost looks like they're a bit uppity...but they aren't!