Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Busy but Good Weekend

Friday was a trip to Fargo for me. The neurologist wanted to see me for a re-evaluation after the EMG earlier came back that all my nerves, muscles, and tissues were healthy (thank You, God!). Tony was extremely busy getting everything ready for our first Pumpkin Party on Saturday, so my sister-in-law Beth joined me for the day. Beth is married to one of Tony's older brother's, Mark, and they recently moved back to Park Rapids from Spokane. We had such a great day! Talking, getting to know each other better, shopping, going to lunch, just spending time together -- I'm really thankful for the time we got to spend, just the two of us. Beth has a tender heart and a very out-going personality...and I'm glad God has brought yet another friend who is also a sister-in-law into my life!

The neurologist is very hopeful that, since all the different tests I've had are showing up normal, MS is not what is affecting me. He won't completely rule it out, but he tends to think that most of the health problems I've had this summer are caused mainly from stress. Wow, ya think? My life, stressful? Anyway, we're nearing the end of one more busy season and then Tony and I will look at ways to make some practical changes. There are some changes that will be happening some time in the future that will really help...thing is, we don't know when that will be -- six months, six years, shorter, longer. I know for me, at least, once the biggest of these issues is settled, my mind will be more at ease as we settle more completely into our family life.

Thursday night I attended our first small group Bible study. Tony was again working at the market until dusk, but it was great going to the start of our small group. We're not doing a full-fledge Bible study, per se, but we are part of a group going through Dave Ramsey's Financial University study on biblical principles for paying off debt, being good stewards of the blessings God gives, and saving for our future.

Yesterday was our first pumpkin party. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm, autumn day. We had a great turn out, at least better than last year, and yet I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a better turn out like I had hoped. I had to quickly stop that thinking and thank God for the weather and the crowds that we DID get! Plus, our local newspaper was there taking pictures and getting ready to write a story which will be in Wednesday's paper...that should get us better crowds for next week!

Tony has some really cute new things this year. Many more cut out "photo op" things, a really fun rubber duck race that is run by hand pumps, an even bigger and better maze (with sun flowers scattered among the corn's beautiful!), and more. I didn't take my camera yesterday, but I'll get pictures over the next couple weeks and post them. Our concession stand is really taking off, and the cherry pie slices and fresh brownies sold especially fast. The wagon rides were a big hit, as usual, and everyone loved the pumpkin boats. I don't know if it was the early mornings, jam-packed days, or what, but I did end up leaving early with a headache and put in a video for the kids while I took a short nap at home. We all ended up going to bed and falling asleep before 9:00 last night!

Today was a continuation of a great series our pastor is giving on being part of the church -- unity, not uniformity. Learning to serve others with the gifts God has given us. I'm thankful for the great leadership in our local church that is concerned with individual spiritual growth in each of it's members/attendees and encourages us to use the gifts God has given us, even if we don't feel we are equipped or feel someone else can do a "better" job.

Thus another week begins. It should be quieter this week...I have a Watkins party tomorrow night and have to deliver some Watkins items in the morning along with grocery shopping. I hope to can some beets and more tomatoes, do "school work" and Cubbie work with the kids, and do some baking for next week's pumpkin parties. Maybe make some yummy apple desserts for our family with the apples I brought back last week (that we are still rapidly selling). Oh, and two of my father-in-law's sisters will be here this week along with his cousins to celebrate his 85th birthday a few days early! Luke was fascinated to know that Grandpa had sisters and cannot wait to meet them!

And, I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but I am VERY thankful to have two more new Greenstar customers! The first orchard we went to, Aamodt's, has a wonderfully big and beautiful store...and they put in a very nice first order, and a garden center in South Dakota that stopped by my booth earlier this year in St. Cloud also sent in an order! God is so good...three new customers along with an extra order from an existing customer, all in a two-week time period. We continue to save for home/farm improvements and a nice family vacation (if we ever find the time to take one!).

What are your plans for the upcoming week?


precious grandma said...

I assume your beets are from your farm. Wish I were closer. we had just enough beets to have a few for meals this year. Our 1st try at growing them. Will put more in next year, since we both like them.

Glad the pumpkin party went so well. How did the bear costume turn out?

My week is a bit less hectic than the past several weeks. Babysit Lydia and Moriah from 8:30-12:45, then can tomatoes (I think) before going to Akron for cousins' supper at Village Inn. We usually pick up Grandma Toth to go with us. She likes our cousins and it's a night out for her.

Tues/Wed/ will be pear canning again. (How do you do vanilla pears?) We have about a bushel from gramps pear tree again. I already did 16 qts. and gave lots away. Can't stand to see them rot.

Love you all lots and lots.

Martha said...

Your week sounds busy, Lin! My week is a mix between keeping the boys occupied to getting ready for a slew of Watkins events coming up in the next few months! Lots of shows to do for the holiday season, so I have to be prepared ahead of time! AND ... The Cookie Kitchen is up and running!! We've got a table in a Home and Happy Show as well as an Open House here for Watkins and The Cookie Kitchen (and a few other friends who have their own businesses). I'm in the baking mode now!