Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it a lie???

Today, as we were rushing around last minute getting ready to leave the house (as usual), I was finishing myself up and hollered to the kids "make sure you have socks on then put on your boots!" (they were "daddy helpers" at the farm today). Susanna, I knew, had on socks. Luke had been bare foot, but he assured me, TWICE, that he put his socks on.

Sigh. I know I should check my kids before pulling out of the driveway. I'm blessed in that they get themselves dressed for the day, but that doesn't always mean "appropriate" dress for the occasion. Susanna doesn't like to zip and button, so her pants or shorts are usually on backwards (hey, if she can't see them, they aren't there, ya know? Hence, our little princess often walks around with her tush literally hanging out the back of her pants). Luke's nice dress pants on Sunday were on backwards...and his shirt was one button off on his top buttons. His shoes WERE on the right feet though.

We were just about to Daddy in the corn field when Luke decided, for some reason, to take off his boots. Big mistake. No socks. "Luke, where are your socks?" Silence. "Luke, did you lie to me when you told me you had socks on?" Silence. Sternly, "Luke, you told me your socks were on. Did you lie to me!?" "Hold on, Mama. I'm thinking about that one!"

Thankfully, we were in front of Daddy by then and I was able to contain my laughter until after they got out of the car. I told Tony to think of a discipline for him....but I think he thought it was too funny.


precius grandma said...

Probably trying to figure out why he has to have socks on in a corn field.Actually, why does he?
(Yeah, a mama's and grandma's perspective son't always jibe...probably because grandmas learn after their kids grow up, that some things aren't worth fussing over.) Although untruths are worth fussing over...when you can keep a straight face, that is. Love you all

Martha said...

No socks? Sounds like his uncles!

LindaSue said...

um, the Carter ones or the toths?