Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day

Well, on Labor Day we took our annual canoe trip down the very crooked Straight River to Grandma LaMae's house where a very delicious spread was waiting all the canoeists! I'm not sure how many groups canoed down this year, but there were five canoes in our group and several groups left earlier than us! This is my fourth time in six years -- and it's always a blast! The kids had fun, as usual, although part way down Luke informed us he did NOT like canoeing...until he found out the alternative was getting out into the river for the rest of the trip. He quickly decided he really DID like to canoe! Our nephew Steven joined us in the canoe this year, and his dad Mark (Tony's brother) let us use his canoe while they took our leaky old one. Thanks, Mark!

We saw many great sights, as usual, but didn't see the bald eagle that graced us with its presence last year. The cat tails were plentiful, as were the wild rice patches. Lots of beautiful wild flowers and high bush cranberries. We even caught a glimpse of the elusive "Wild Man of Straight River" which some attributed to folk lore...but I caught him on camera, proving he DOES exist! Hm....maybe I'll catch Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny on camera, too, perhaps even the tooth fairy!

The kids decided afterward to "canoe" home, too!


liz said...

The Wild Man of the River.... wow. As I've gotten older, I really want to believe in some of this stuff (Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, aliens, etc.). I think it is SO COOL that you got a picture of this guy!

LindaSue said...

yeah, you may have seen him before in a gorilla suit at our wedding reception...he also disguises himself as a living scarecrow and shows up at our pumpkin people don't believe creatures like this exist, can you believe it????

precious grandma said...

Yeah, I believe he shows up. Seems as if I remember he also has a HUGE appetite for good food!