Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Wow, I've been a bit "blog crazy" today, what with this being my third posting! Susanna is napping (finally!) and Luke is "reading" books, so I have a bit of time, which is nice!

Thought I'd update with what's been going on. For those of you who have been praying about our market employee situation, THANK YOU! We do have a full-time employee this year who just committed today. Diana Kelly, soon-to-be-Bohach, is one of my sister-in-law Julia's best friend. She is marrying Chester Bohach, a man from our church, on Easter weekend, and moving up to Park Rapids from Arkansas. I'm really excited about having Diana join Carter's Red Wagon Farm. She's a wonderful lady, used to working with kids (especially teens), and a good worker. I'm hoping that by having Diana and I both work this summer, we'll be able to cut down alot on our teen employees (for the market) -- maybe rotating 2 or 3 hard-working teens when things start getting busier once strawberry season starts. If you're in the area, stop by (OFTEN!) once we're open and welcome Diana to RWF and to the area!

The kids continue to make Tony and I laugh -- our favorite video right now is Veggie Tales "Duke and the Great Pie War" which has the Veggie Tale version of the stories of baby Moses and of Ruth and Naomi and Boaz. Susanna's newest persona is Miriam, toting around one of her baby dolls and "throwing" him into the river (the kitchen). She's a good "big" sister to baby Moses, and I'm very thankful, as I'm sure he probably would be, that she really isn't his sister!

Luke is enjoying the school work that we do a few times each week and is doing great in learning how to write his alphabet. We learn a new letter each week, and we learned all about "little k" today. Lately, he's gotten to getting this hilarious "angry" look on his face where he squeezes his eyes together, hunches down his eyebrows, and kind of glares at you. If you ask him what he's doing, he'll tell you, "I'm being angry right now." Okay.

We are getting ready for another play date tomorrow. There are two boys in Luke's Cubbies group that he loves to play with, Jeffery Rockensock and Christian Wahl. They are such good friends that Cubbie Leader Mr. Vocelka often has to separate them and put them at different locations at the Cubbie table. Both boys are a year older than Luke. However, Jeffery has a younger sister, Kayla, who is in the same class as Susanna (she's about 6 months younger) and Susanna talks about her often. So...tomorrow, Jeffery and Kayla are coming over to play!

The homeschool network in our area is offered the use of a gymnasium, The Gym Bin, in Bemidji every first and third Monday each month. We've gone twice now, last fall and last week. Susanna especially just loves it and is really quite good at balancing, jumping, and other tumbling things. She did sprain her foot last week and limped around for a few days, but when it was time to leave for the day, she went hysterical, she did NOT want to leave! I worried a bit about Luke. He doesn't realize he's a little guy and was trying to join in the rough play with several teen age boys. Thankfully, they were usually pretty careful around him, but I worry that one day he's going to get really hurt.

Tony has been busy with more seeding, getting greenhouses ready to start planting soon, and other general farm things. He continues to enjoy teaching the 3-year-old Sunday School class, and I love seeing what he's going to come up with for activities beyond the story each week.

For me, I've been busy with Watkins (of course!), talking to a few local businesses about Greenstar, and all the other household things. Lately, I've been hooked on putting together jig saw puzzles, often staying up later than I should to do "one last piece."

Gotta go. The kids are awake and downstairs without supervision. Hmmmm....and it is very, VERY quiet!

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