Thursday, March 27, 2008


So Luke wants to learn how to read by himself. We've been working on one letter of the alphabet each week and are up to "m." We figure out which of our toys start with different letters, what the letter sounds like, etc. So today we sat down to "read." D - A - D -- that's Daddy!! B - A - D -- bad...but I'm good! B - A - G -- carrot! Okay, I'm still not sure how he "figured" out that one.

And regarding Susanna....anyone have any advice on how to make sure my daughter not only will put on underwear but will wear it all day? I just realized (at 4:00 p.m.) that she wasn't wearing any because, "well, Mama, I didn't want to. But it's okay! You can be happy!"

At least my kids dress themselves.


Jane said...

Oh Linda, I had a daughter who when she was 3 - stipped on her way home from a neighbors - 3 houses down. On sunday she found a picture of herself outside naked.

LindaSue said...

this PAST Sunday????

precious grandma said...

For Susanna...maybe her great uncle can give some adivce.
Or her uncle that rode his tricycle down the street by the main post office in his birthday suit, much to my horror. Come to think of it, maybe it's in her genes.
Oh, yeah, and there was a cousin that had that same kind of problem at about that same age.
I'm glad your little ones can dress themselves. Enjoy them. I miss them