Saturday, March 15, 2008

Egg Hunt and more!

there's gotta be an egg in here somewhere!
Hmmm...what's inside?
our loot
the bunny hop
Nikki and Luke
I'm not going near that thing!

Today was the "Colossial Community Egg Hunt" here in PR for kids 0-10 years. It was greatly anticipated since the time we ALL learned about it (I told the kids about it yesterday), and it was even more fun because Daddy could come with us! There were literally hundreds of kids in the local school gymnasium (hey, despite the earlier warm weather this week, we still have lots of snow on the ground!), and it was a bit overwhelming...well, at least the giant bunny was!

It was organized quite well with several different activities to do as well as an egg hunt. There was a bunny hop to music where every child got either a book or a pencil, there was a jelly bean counting contest, a random drawing for dozens of filled Easter baskets, live music, and lots more. It was even more exciting to us to see several of our Sunday School, library, and Cubbie friends there!

Luke and Susi were champion egg hunters (which anyone would have been able to achieve, given the number of eggs there!), although children were limited to only five eggs which were then traded for a bag of candy. Luke wasn't too sure about the bunny hop, and Susanna, who couldn't decide whether she had to go potty or not, realized she REALLY, REALLY did have to go, just as her bunny hop was getting started. She did manage to hold it....and was actually the only child in her group of ten or so children to hop from spot to spot during the music. And she won a book! (Luke got a pink pencil...wonder who's going to wind up with that?). Neither had any intention of going near the giant walking Easter bunny (who was actually the father of a friend of ours, Becky Maninga!).

Afterwards, Tony dropped us off at Coburns (local grocery store) as they were having an Easter event for children, too. We bought some girl scout cookies (thin mints for the first time since I moved to MN 5 years ago!) then ambled over to the deli where there was ANOTHER Easter bunny holding a basket of eggs -- the kids were forced to approach this bunny as there was no way to get an Easter egg except from him (her?). We opened our eggs (one per child), and there was a note inside Luke's that he won a BIKE! It is a really nice bike, and he was very excited to get it (we're now up to four bikes, I think, so we'll have one for each of them at the farm and at the house). He was a bit upset to know we'd have to leave his bike inside the bakery section since we had to wait for Tony to come and pick us up, but I finally convinced him no one else would take his bike and we would definitely not forget it. We then got to "make" an Easter egg cookie.

On the way home, we asked the kids what their favorite part of the morning was. Susanna piped up "finding eggs!" while Luke told us "giving kisses to Nikki." Hmmmm....kinda scares me what HIS priorities are!


Martha said...

CONGRATULATIONS LUKE!!! Wow. How we would have loved to have won that bike! Just this afternoon I was trying to think up ways that we could get a bike for Stephen this summer w/o actually spending money for one. :) Looks like Luke got the deal!!

GramSchley said...

Good for Luke! Even if it was from the scary Easter Bunny. I'm glad he'll share bikes with his sister, too.

LindaSue said...

Mar, come visit...we'll give you one! Or, my parents are coming the end of June...will you see them (or your parents) in July? We'll gladly pass one of them on to you! Let me know....

precious grandma said...

How old is Nikki? I remember when Luke's mama was about that age and liked to give kisses to her little male the closet!
Good for Luke! Sorry we missed his phone call. Now, maybe they won't be "afraid" of the big bunnies.
MAR: we'll tell your mom and dad how to get good deals on good bikes. Just saw some today for under $5 and didn't know who could use them!