Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My kids

As my eyes fluttered open this morning, I saw a superhero standing next to my bed with a pleased grin on his face. My mind raced back, WHAT was his name again? Ah yes! "Good morning, Cheer-zan!" "Mama, I'm only Luke, the superhero!" Okay, that's much easier to remember.

Then I heard some grunting as another little body climbed up the sheets to crawl into bed as a deep, little girl voice growled, "I'm a little gorilla...but don't worry, I'm a NICE gorilla." A GORILLA? Yes, my "princess" has decided over the past couple days that she is a gorilla and actually goes around the house, up and down the steps, stooped over, fists on ground as she walks. And grunts.

They don't take after MY side of the family!


GramSchley said...

I love the kids' immaginations. They can be whatever they want to be and really enjoy it. Next week they might want to be some other super hero...or just someone practical, like a Mom...or just themselves. What fun they sound like they're having with you! love you all, Aunt Carole

precious grandma said...

I'm not so sure about your side of the family. Seems as if your brother can imitate an ape pretty well.
Enjoy their immaginations!