Thursday, March 27, 2008


Without mentioning names (and clarifying that I am NOT referring to myself!), someone in our household has convinced our children that hard-boiled eggs are best eaten warm. That said, someone in our household discovered today NOT to put hard-boiled eggs in the microwave for more than a couple seconds at a time. That said, the interior of my microwave was cleaned today! Mostly by someone else....(I added a few finishing touches)

By the way, Watkins all-purpose cleaner does a FANTASTIC job cleaning microwaves!


Martha said...

Ummm. Uhhhh. YUK! Sorry "somebody else." I don't think we'll be trying warm hard boiled eggs!

precious grandma said...

Watkins all purpose cleaner works on greasy stoves, also. If you can't get your micro clean enough I have one for you. By the way, if you pike some holes in the egg shell prior to turning on the microwave, the egg won't explode.

LindaSue said...

um, you know that and I know that...and now someone else in my home knows that, too!