Friday, February 15, 2008

She's Three!

One day old February 16, 2005
Six months old
First birthday party!
Second birthday party!
January 2008

At this time in 2005, I was not a comfortable woman. I was 9 months pregnant with a creature inside of me who persisted in dancing, spinning, and twirling around non-stop. And I still had two weeks until my due date, ugh! I'd been hoping I could hold out until my grandparents' anniversary, which is also my oldest nephew's birthday, but at this point, I just wanted this baby OUT! I'd already been in the hospital four times with false labor, and things weren't getting any better. Tony and I went bowling on January 12 in hopes that THAT would trigger labor...well, it did (false labor, that is!). We went out for supper on Valentine's day and followed that up with a swim at the farm...and again I could feel those contractions starting up.
We went in to the hospital AGAIN for the fifth time the afternoon of February 15. Doc sent me home at about 7:00 p.m. with a scheduled appointment for me the next morning to come in to be induced. We were all tired of the false labor and just wanted it over. Well, in a fore-warning of what was to come, that baby decided WE weren't going to pick the time of birth...not long after arriving home, I was begging Tony to take me back in -- my water broke and those pains were coming fast and hard! After convincing him this was finally the real thing, I was impressed with my law-abiding husband and the speeds he reached on the way to the hospital. Susanna Joy was born not too long after we arrived.
Susi still loves to spin, twirl, dance, and move non-stop as she started practicing while still in my womb. She still loves to throw everyone thru a loop by going on her own time table, and is still quite strong willed. But we love her, the enthusiasm she has, the love she has for all things pink, all babies, all princesses, and it's hilarious to see how she usually has the men in her life twisted around her little finger, whenever she beckons with her sweet smile. I'm thankful that she's as precious and beautiful on the inside as the reflection she has on the outside.
Happy birthday, princess sweet pea! I love you forever!


GramSchley said...

A BIG Happy birthday to the birthday girl!!! She's just as cute as can be. I love reading how you enjoy her little girl antics as she's growing up.
Wow. 3 years old already! Keep on enjoying her growing up years. The years go so fast....
Love, Aunt Carole

Martha said...

Happy Birthday, Susanna! I can keep up with your stages since my local niece was also born today and she is three as well! We're going to her party this afternoon, but I'll pretend it's yours, too! Have a fantastic day!

precious grandma (and papa) said...

I well remember that day/night!
And she's still twirling and spinning AND twisting her daddy around her little finger...She had a GOOD teacher. Seems as if her mom was quit proficient at doing that also.
Give her a big hug and kiss from us, and to Luke and Tony also. Consider yourself hugged and kissed, too.