Sunday, February 10, 2008


Okay, just when we thought we'd finally be getting a bit warmer weather, we realized...nope, not for awhile! Once again, the temperatures are subzero. On the weather report tonight at 10:00, they reported that the entire state of Minnesota was below zero. Right now, the temperature is 15 below with a windchill of minus 40. ARG!!!!

At least we aren't in Alaska. Friends at church today told us that their friends up there are reporting temperatures of 70 below. I asked if that was wind chill, and Jim told me they never even factor wind chill in when reporting temperatures.

Snuggle time!!!!!!


precious grandma said...

I was talking to A. Carole lamenting how cold it was this AM with the wind chill factor when I clicked on Park Rapids. When I read your temp and wind chill factor, we agreed it's nice to live in Ohio where it's a bit warmer! (Even though we know your weather usually descends on us a few days after you enjoy it...maybe not quite a cold.) Keep warm and keep snuggling and continue to thank the good Lord for the warm house, clothes, and somebody to snuggle with!

GramSchley said...

I thought of you guys especially when I ran across the street to give something to a neighbor. I kept checking to see a light on, but when both Mr. and Mrs. left the house to get into his pick-up truck, I grabbed my winter coat and ran. It was OK going, the wind was at my back, but ohhh, the treck back across the road and up our short drive was breath-takingly COLD!! and hard to even catch my breath! WOW! You can tell LaMae I often wonder how she walked the mile to elementary school when she walked to what's now your house in this kind of weather. Stay warm! Love, A.Carole