Saturday, February 2, 2008

Now for Luke

Lining up the Philistines
getting the sling ready...
What did I do????
Tired little Indian...

Here are some shots of Luke from January. Luke got a David and Goliath set for his birthday and loves to play Israelites and Philistines! It's so funny watching him line them all up then have them go after each other. He also loves acting out the David and Goliath story, preferably with Daddy, and they'll quote whole passages of scripture at each other (Am I a dog that you come against me with a stick? Do you defy the Lord God of Israel? -- Luke is usually Goliath so that he can wear his armor while fighting....after all, Saul's armor was too big for David to wear!). He also has created his own sling shot...a shoe string with a foam bead on it for a stone (he also carries around another four "stones" since David had five stones with hime). He discovered a foam bead made the best stone when, one day, he was twirling his "sling shot" around, having used some small round plastic toy with a hole in it for a stone when he bonked himself in the head. Thankfully, the end result was NOT the same as it was in the Bible!

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precious grandma said...

Just love those pictures. Keep them coming! And the comments. That way we don't miss them quite as much.