Saturday, February 23, 2008

More favorite things....

Some of my favorite stores (most of which I can't shop at anymore, or at least not frequently, since I'm now in "northern" Minnesota!) -- and as a disclaimer, I am not one who usually enjoys shopping!

1. Trader Joe's (my cousin Liz just had a blog on TJs -- which triggered this whole blog!)

2. Cost Plus World Market

3. Bath and Body Works

How about you...what are some of your favorite places to shop?


precious grandma said...

How well I remember how you disliked shopping! (Certainly not a gene from me!) One of my favorite places to shop is the Hartville Market and Flea Market. Thurs. we got Huge heads of cauliflower and broccoli for $1 each, and huge yellow peppers 5 for $2.
I offered to split the cauliflower with Grandma Toth and she delinced. She wanted the WHOLE thing for her special recipe of steamed cauliflower with sour cream topped with toasted buttered bread crumbs. It's relly yummy. She steams the thing whole.
Another favorite shopping place is ANYWHERE they have a clearance or going out of business sale! Fun!

liz said...

Besides Trader Joe's, I like Whole Foods. It is large, expensive and has great atmosphere in addition to all the unique ingredients to buy. I shop there rarely because it is far away and pricey, but I love it!

I also love ebay and etsy, two online shopping places. Oh, and And I love Target.

I don't love to shop, but these places seem to have things I like/need more often than others.