Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life in the Carter House

I have despaired in ever having a clean house again (wait, does that sentence make grammatical sense, Liz? help me out!). I have an almost 3-year-old and a 4-year-old and some grandparents that love to fill our house with all kinds of STUFF (we've had a talk...hopefully, it's changing....although lots of our current stuff will be going to a local charity rummage sale...). Oh, we've also moved two full sets of toys (gears and Rescue Heroes) down to the Blakes' home since they're back in the Phillippines for now.
It was nice being gone Sunday thru Tuesday this week as I could go without seeing the mess, figuring Tony would take care of it each day. I was delighted when I got home Tuesday night to a very clean, freshly vacuumed floor, clean kitchen, etc....then Tony told me they didn't clean anything up until Tuesday night! He figured, "why bother before?" Arg!!!! I told him, it's good discipline for the kids to learn to pick up after themselves daily, keep things tidy....then he wanted to know why my philosphy didn't apply to OUR room. I'm still trying to come up with an answer......

Here are a few shots of what our main living area looks like EVERY DAY. The kids clean up every night before bed time and occasionally during the day when I finally cannot take the mess any more.

One of the things Luke enjoys doing is emptying out all of his toys into the middle of the floor. Just because. Susanna lately has started taking after her brother (although there are many times he just goes to her toys and starts emptying them out....just because.).

Well, at least they clean up after themselves (with constant prodding....) Hard to believe I've always had a neat, orderly, organized home and life....before kids. I'd say I wouldn't change a thing, but it would be so nice to have at least one area always clean and organized!


precious grandma said...

Words of wisdom from Gram. Pavkov: Would you rather your children remember the fun they had when growing up, or that their house (not home) was always sparkling clean like a magazine picture. I got that lecture when you were just a little gal...after complaining I can't keep the house as clean. neat and organized as I did the surgical rooms when I worked in the OR. I know you are thankful they clean up each night. Good discipiline for kids always had to do it, too. keep up your good work with them!

Jane said...

I think that must be one of the differences between men and women that Marty speaks about once in a while.

LindaSue said...

hyeah, that came up during the conference today! I had to really laugh!