Monday, June 1, 2009

Morning Mumblings

This has been a busy summer for the kids, and, well, it isn't even summer yet. They're past the stage of taking regular naps (although Sunday afternoons are mandatory rest times for EVERYONE in this house!), so by the time supper rolls around (which is usually around 6:30 and even sometimes 7:00 by the time we get home from the market and fix or reheat something), their eyes usually are barely staying open. It doesn't help that they usually pop out of bed before 7:00, often somewhere around 6:30. WHY?????

Well, this morning it was well after 7:00 when I heard anything coming from their room. When I did, this is what I heard. "Must.....wake.....up....... Must.....wake......up........ Must......wake......up........ Must.......wake............up......." And a sleepy reply, "Oh, Luke, just go back to sleep." "Can't. It's morning time and you need to wake up in the morning time." "Oh. Okay." "Hey, let's have devotions." "Okay. Here's a Laura book." (Little House) "No, Susanna, we cannot read a Laura book for devotions because they don't talk about God and devotions are about God." "Okay."

Right now, Susanna is singing yet another made up song. "Oh yes, we sin. Oh yes, we sin. We must obey. Those that don't should go away. Indeed you want to, indeed you want to." Honestly, I'm not making this up! I'm typing as she sings....cracks me up! But....I LOVE that their hearts first turn to our Creator in the morning. That they want to praise Him and spend time with Him when they first wake up.

And talking about praises -- God has been so good to us, and it is so very humbling. We had several nights of patchy frost last week (which means my dear hubby was up often from 3:00 on covering and watering plants). Thankfully, there was very little damage....a few strawberry blossoms from our oldest field, a couple leaves here and there. And yesterday was a very horrible, very brief (maybe 10 minutes) storm with strong winds and hail and severe lightning. We had a pine tree knocked over by the house....thankfully away from the house. And, in yet another praise, no hail at our farm...even though there was hail throughout the storm. Farming is something where the entire year's crops can be destroyed or severely damaged in minutes from a storm -- hail, heavy winds, and more. I am sooo thankful God's hand of protection has been over us and pray that He will continue to protect and bless us.

And Susanna's song of praise has now turned to ice cream. My cue to go get breakfast for us all (no, not ice cream!).

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precious grandma said...

God is SO GOOD! Thankful no crop damage! As for Susanna's ice cream song, she's only displaying what's in her genes. A real love for ice cream that goes back for generations! Hugs and kisses to all.