Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Different Kind of Sunday

Today was a different kind of Sunday. We usually get up, head to church for first service and Sunday School, then back home for an early dinner, naps all around, and a lazy evening playing a game and having snacks. The past few weeks, though, have been pretty exhausting for all of us -- Tony has been up more than half the time by 3:00 a.m. or earlier, watering and covering crops, trying to minimize damage from the cold weather that just won't go away (where's global warming when you need it???). We had frost, FROST!, two nights ago and broke a record low. 32 in June. In Minnesota (yeah, Karen, you might dip that low...but it's winter there, not the verge of summer!). The past couple nights I've home home from working at the market and took a nap before getting up to wrap things up for the night and head for bed. And we're not even into the really busy part of summer! Hmmm....maybe we're just getting old.....

Anyway, when our alarm went off today, my poor hubby mumbled something about just being completely exhausted and suggested staying home and having a slow-paced family day. After he assured me that he wasn't going to spend the day at the farm (other than an hour or so on necessary chores), we agreed we'd have a Bible story at home for the kids and just take it easy. The weather was like it has been...cold and overcast. We burrowed under the covers and continued sleeping for a couple more hours. At one point, I checked on the kids who had headed downstairs around 8:00. They were sitting on the couch, arms around each other, heads on each other's shoulders, watching a Sesame Street DVD. I headed back to bed.

When we finally got up around 9:30, I popped in a pan of cinnamon rolls that I'd saved out for us, cut up some fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, and peaches) while Tony pitted some cherries, thawed and micro-ed some Becker bacon (yum!), toasted up some multi-grain English muffins, and cooked up some eggs over easy. The kids helped make some hot chocolate. We then crashed a bit longer, before Tony read the story of King Solomon asking God for wisdom.

Today after church, we were having an all-church picnic at Itasca Park -- we didn't go, much to the kids' disappointment. We'll go on a warmer day. However, we did decide to go to family bowl tonight....and the kids had a blast! We did, too, laughing at Susanna spinning on the lanes on her tush (break-dancer in the making?), amazed when Luke won the first game of bowling, beating ALL of us, WITHOUT having bumpers up! Tony came in a very close second (okay, ten points behind), while Susanna and I were a bit more behind that. I did save face during the second game, with a huge lead over everyone else...Tony saved face by beating Luke that game, and Susanna was again last but very happy to have gotten a few strikes and spares.

I took my camera, prepared to get some fun pictures to post. My battery was dead. Sigh.

Oh well. We did catch up on some much needed rest, although it would be great to have another repeat of today tomorrow!


precious grandma said...

That's my kind of day. Get up, have breakfast, go back to bed for as long as I want to! Haven't done that for quite some time! Maybe when I really retire (again for the 4th time) after June 19, I can do it again! And read a good book or two!

Karen said...

Good relaxing day! Sometimes it's very necessary