Monday, June 8, 2009

More Morning Mumblings

I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Luke does not like Mondays. Today his first words were "Monday. Monday. Monday." And let me was more like his first mumblings. This is a kid who usually wakes up and asks me what day it is. But for some reason, he always knows when it's Monday.

Today was also a wet and dreary day. We've needed the rain and it was very welcome...except by the kids. Grumbling on the way out the door today, Luke asked why it had to rain. "Because water is like food to the plants," I replied. "No, it isn't!" he corrected. "Furniture is!" Huh??? Then I realized...fertilizer!

We ended up, the kids and I, going to Bemidji today to get their pictures taken at Walmart. It's been almost a year and a half since we had formal photos done, and I've been trying to get them taken at least every six months as they're so rapidly growing up. We had a blast, and the kids loved posing, especially Susanna, scrunching up her little nose, making the photographers laugh, just having a good time.

I've been waiting about an hour now, trying to download the photo files from the disk they gave me (with copyright permission given) and THEY WON'T DOWNLOAD! Guess you'll have to wait for another time to see my cuties....I'm going to sleep!

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precious grandma said...

and we are waiting to see the pictures! Can hardly wait until our visit. Miss you all so much! Love to all.