Monday, June 15, 2009

A Crown with Jewels

Tonight, Luke & Susanna were fighting over the same night shirt to wear to bed (actually my nightgown); after some words on my part about Luke wearing it last night and taking turns, he generously decided to let Susanna wear it tonight...well, I think he did. I sent them downstairs when they were still arguing over who got to wear it...and she was wearing it a bed time (while he was wearing a pink sparkly t-shirt of mine instead....but we won't go into that any further).

I mentioned to Luke during story time that the Bible tells us we will get a big crown in heaven, and every time we do something kind for someone else, God will reward us with a sparkly jewel in our crown. He thought about that for a few moments, and after bed time prayers, asked Tony and me if we needed help getting up. Are we that old???? Is the scout from the movie yesterday who needed to help an elderly person to be awarded his last badge setting an example for him???? Or, "Hey, Luke! Are you trying to get a jewel in your crown?" Big grin. He tried. Tried some more. Tugged even harder. Finally got Tony to his feet. Tony then fell to the floor, trapped Luke between his legs, and set Luke hollering to Susi, "Come help me! You need some gems in your crown!" She just looked at him and went to bed. Oh well.

And lately at bedtime, she just gives Tony and me dozens and dozens of kisses until she "runs out of kisses in my heart." Then, her heart fills up while she's sleeping and she's full of kisses again in the morning.

Ah! Gotta love 'em!

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precious grandma said...

You gotta love 'em. They're keepers! Life would be so dull without them.
Kisses to all. Tell Susanna to start filling her heart up with hugs and kisses for Papa and precious grandma. We just have to get them when we're there. (Luke, too!)