Sunday, June 21, 2009

He Knows What's Important!

Today we celebrated Father's Day with a weiner roast and picnic at home after was yummy and fun! Tony seemed to enjoy it -- and especially playing ball with Luke afterwards.

Tonight, as we were having our Sunday snacks, Luke looked and me and said, "Mama, you married a good man!" I grinned and told him, "yep, I did! Why do you think so?" "Because he fixes stuff." Okay!

Then he turned to Tony and said, "Daddy, you married a good wife!" Tony quickly replied, "I know!" "Why am I a good wife, Luke?" I asked him. "Cuz you cook stuff!" After a couple questions, he then informed us that if he falls in love with someone and she can't cook, "of course I can't marry her!"

The way to a man's (boy's) heart......


precious grandma said...

Like Father, Like Son! You're doing the right thing with your "boys".
Love you all

GramS said...

Maybe you'd better start teaching him that HE can cook, too. It's fun. It's creative. It's a way to a girl's heart, too. Hahhahahah

LindaSue said...

oh...he'd LOVE to cook...and actually is a good helper in the kitchen...when I'm home in the summer to actuallly DO something in the kitchen!