Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today's update....

Aahhhh! It's amazing what 12 hours of sleep will do to a child, let alone two of them! From the get-go this morning, Luke and Susi were happy and cheerful, even when we sat down to do real school work, which hasn't happened very much lately. Well, Luke wasn't too cheerful about his page of penmanship, but I didn't care too much...both about him being unhappy or about him doing a really sloppy job. Hey, he's six and he's a boy. Most of the time you can read what he wrote. But today he tackled quite a bit of new learning, including dimes and counting by 5s to 100. Don't ask me why I taught him about dimes (which is a ten value) and counting by 5s (a nickle) -- but guess what! He finally figured out that a nickle equals five, not one like the penny! Yeah, he's got a brilliant teacher who has it all together. And okay, okay, I did group his nickle papers with the counting by 5s and his dime papers with counting by 10s. He continues to tackle addition and subtraction with huge grins as well as reading. Susanna was pleased to confidently tackle the letter F.

Throughout the day and into bed time, Luke continues to run a low grade fever, nothing to worry about but showing that he's still fighting something. He's pleased, though...it continues to put off being poked for another blood test. He was more like his usual self for most of the day, maybe not as active but almost all the way there.

We made two batches of cookies this afternoon, much to the delight of everyone who has tasted them. Luke did his best to hide the ginger/molasses cookies from Tony but finally shared them after I assured him in a whisper that there were more hidden in the freezer. And my kids made them almost all by themselves, with a bit of supervision. The successfully cracked the eggs (no egg shells, either!), measured the other ingredients, and blobbed the dough on the cookie sheets. Shortly after, Susanna came up to me and sweetly informed me that SHE could wash the dishes, if I'd like. WHAT???? WHO IS THIS CHILD?!?!?!? And what nefarious scheme is up her sleeves? Because this one especially NEVER volunteers to do work!

Well, I thought, sure. Why not? If she's successful at doing the dishes, it's one less thing I'll have to do...just turn over the dishes to her every day (not that I hand wash my dishes -- I'll run two or three loads in the dishwasher rather than wash 'em by hand). And you know what? She did a pretty good job at washing them! She then hid a little heart in a kitchen drawer and beamed proudly. See, yesterday at their Valentine's party, during the devotional, one of the moms handed out 3-4 paper hearts to each student and talked about serving your family in love this week, doing things without being asked, and leaving your heart behind. Wow! I think I'm gonna stock up on these paper hearts!

Luke also got two get-well cards today, and that was a huge deal for him.....he continues loving to hear about people who are praying for him. In fact, tonight a bed time, Susanna prayed that God would make Luke all healthy and strong again so he could protect her!

Carol, have you been praying?????

Thanks, all, for your continued prayers. We'll continue to keep you informed as we learn anything. Luke's throat culture did come back negative for strep, thank God! The rest of this week gets busier for us -- being at the coffee shop tomorrow afternoon followed by AWANA in the evening; Thursday I have a training seminar in the morning; Friday I'm finalizing everything for my participating in our local health and energy show on Saturday...it'll be a long day for me. Only God knows if His plans are the same as mine for the rest of this week!

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