Monday, February 15, 2010

A Bit Late...

Yesterday was a full day with home school co-op followed by a special trip to dinner then putting two grumpy tired kids to bed...but finally! And then, when I tried getting this to post, it just wouldn't co-operate. Wish I had time to post it earlier....
Five years ago, I was trying to get a very fussy baby to sleep...who was just way to busy wanting to see the brand new world around her! After sending me to the hospital six time with false labor, my doctor finally sent me home in the early evening of February 15, telling me to come back in the morning to be induced. The little one inside of me just couldn't make up her (although we didn't know it was a her...but it figures!) if she wanted to stay in or come out! Well, proving yet again in utero that she had a mind of her own and NO ONE would make decisions for her, I was home for a mere hour before she decided she was NOT going to wait for morning. We rushed back to the hospital -- one of three times I know that Tony exceeded the speed limit, and the only time he wasn't stopped for speeding! -- I bossed first admittance then the nurses around -- "You can admit me upstairs in my room! I'm going to the same one I just left! Call my doctor and I mean NOW! I feel this baby's head! Get that belt away from are NOT strapping a monitor to my belly! No, not the on-call doctor, MY DOCTOR! Get that nurse out of my room, I do NOT like her and don't want her near me!" Oh, I was horrid..but I think (or at least I tell myself) that most women in labor are the same way!

Well, Susanna WAS kind enough to wait for my doctor (whom the nurses did call as soon as admitting finished my paper work in the room I had left an hour earlier after shoo-ing out Nurse Rachet and removing the belt and monitor from me)...but she didn't even wait for my body to be fully ready, just shot right out, again proving she was going to do her own thing (I cannot begin to count how many times I was stuck in a fetal position during pregnancy because she would be pressing on one of my nerves and I couldn't straighten up, the little bugger!).
Today, five years later, she is still head strong and doesn't want help with anything (she cries and wails and prefers just giving up on something rather than asking for or accepting help). She is still an adorable little peanut and can be one of the sweetest people in the world (case in point when today she told Uncle Tim to hold on when he was talking to her on the phone....just so she could smile sweetly at me and tell me "I love you to the moon and the sun and the stars and back! Okay, Uncle Tim, I'm back. Please come visit me. I don't remember what you look like...except that you're bald and don't have any hair!"

Seriously, as much as she frustrates me to no end sometimes...I'm glad Susanna has a strong personality. Even more so, I am so thankful she has given her life to Jesus. She has a beautiful voice and loves to sing, making up songs all day long (although today all her songs -- all her VERY LONG SONGS -- consisted of one word. Lollipop.).
I think she finally realized she is NOT getting pet for her birthday....

Seriously, she is a sweetheart. A very expressive sweetheart. And an excellent helper, too.
And Susi? I love you, too. To the sun and the moon and the stars and infinity and beyond!

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precious grandma and papa said...

Beautiful. Your tribute and Susanna. How I miss her (and Luke and the rest of you) Enjoy our phone conversations so much.
Am so thankful her heart is as beautiful as she is.
Love and prayers to all of you.