Friday, February 19, 2010

Please Pray for Luke

On Tuesday this week, Luke had a severe headache all day as well as an elevated temperature (103.7 even WITH tylenol) -- I ended up taking him to the ER where they drew blood (NOT fun for anyone, especially a 6-year-old boy!). They also did a nose swab for flu. Praise God Influenza A & B came back negative. White and red blood cells were normal; showed he is anemic. Doc said he was fine and to treat with Tylenol and Motrin every two hours, if needed.

Went to a new chiropractor on Wednesday and took the kids with (she treats kids at no charge) -- she also looked at his lab results and said the white and red were normal, but there were two that are NOT normal and are so far off it is alarming to her -- she recommended I call his pediatrican and make sure she got the results and looked at them. I called her nurse Wed afternoon...and the dr called this morning, agreeing that there were some results that are bringing up some alarms to her. She asked me to bring Luke in for a full CBC as soon as he has a couple days without fever to see if the results are back to do a test that looks at a bunch of general things...and to run a Lyme's test. A bit worrisome, but I've actually be at peace about it all (even though both the chiro and pediatrician told me what is concerning them...but I don't want to get into that detail yet).

Seemed better today, even though he continued to run a low fever. Went to bed telling me it feels weird when he breathes a certain way...woke up about an hour ago with wheezing, croupy noises and pretty swollen glands and redness in the throat though or tightness in the chest or pain/trouble breathing -- elevated fever, but nothing really bad. Spent some time in the steamy bathroom and has a humidifier running right now.

Yeah, I'll be calling his dr in the morning again, but I'm calling on you all to please keep him in your prayers.

And such a tender heart....he wanted to pray while breathing in the steam...his prayer? "God, I don't want to feel like this and please help me to feel better because I don't want Susi not to have her birthday party on Sunday cuz I love her so much and please make me feel better, Susanna would be so sad and I want her to have a happy birthday party, please?" Yeah, that's when my eyes started watering.....

It may be a long to pray, snooze, and listen to the monitor....

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Martha said...

I'll certainly pray for him, Lin, and keep us posted on how he's doing!