Sunday, February 21, 2010

Luke Update

Thanks be to God and to all of you for your prayers! Luke slept thru the night, about 12 hours, sweat quite a bit, a few patches of coughing, but not enough to wake him up....Tony and I each got about 9 hours, waking once to check on Luke. I was just about to head upstairs when Tony crawled back into bed and said he'd just checked on him. Luke's temp is within half a degree of normal, praise God! He is still a bit hoarse, but describes today as a "smiley, smiley day." (Based on the pain charts in doctors offices and the hospital) We'll be getting one last (hopefully!) blood test this week to make sure everything is back down to normal and are awaiting news on the Lymes test. The ER doctor last night said that looking at Luke it appears he's struggling with some allergies, too, although to what will be an adventure to find....he said he may also be a carrier of strep. Oh goody.

Susi is now at a friends, and we'll be having a cake when she gets home...but will have her birthday party in probably two weeks. She's been a pretty good sport during all this, with some behavior issues to direct attention her has been a big help with her having a special adventure all by herself.

We'll keep you updated, but THANK YOU for praying!

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precious grandma said...

Thank the Lord! So glad to hear Luke's feeling better, and that you all got more sleep/rest. We'll keep praying for all of you.