Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Big Step

Tony and I are planning, God willing, to attend the MACHE (Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators) conference later this week in St. Paul, about four hours from us. The conference is Friday and Saturday with special sessions Thursday afternoon for those starting out or considering home school. I went last year to the conference in Duluth and was over whelmed....but got sooooo much information, too! I'm really looking forward to having Tony with me this year.

The thing is, children under 12 cannot attend (not that either of us would get anything out of the conference if our kids attended!) unless they are nursing (which ours are not, thank you very much!). That means that we'll be off by ourselves (YAY!) for three days (wow) without little ones near by. I have mixed emotions on this one. I mean, Tony and I have only been able to get away by ourselves for one night since Luke was born (when I kidnapped him a few years back...with my parents holding down the fort with the kids). It'll be good to be alone together without the many distractions home holds. And yet....we'll be FOUR HOURS away from the kids. What if something happens? What if they get sick? (okay, if they throw up, at least I won't have to clean it up or get it on me or smell it or anything...btw, you've gotta read www.thepioneerwoman.com today. I will never feel like any of my days are the most horrible ever after reading about her experience on Sunday!) What if they get injured? What if they miss us so much they are inconsolable? What if something happens to us? Are these all "normal" concerns when leaving your children for the first time, especially when they're still so young? And yes, I know and am at peace that they...and us...are in God's will and nothing will happen that He does not allow. But....I'm a mama.

The kids are going to be in good hands. They'll be spending most of the time at Uncle Mark and Aunt Beth's, playing with Steven when he's home from school, going to story time at the library, Beth even mentioned taking them to the play land at Burger King, somewhere we've not gone this winter due to weather and different flu bugs going around, etc. They'll also be spending several hours each day with Grandpa and Grandma at the farm, playing with Legos, watching cartoons on public tv (except for that big purple dinosaur cuz we don't like him, do we, Mama? -- I love my boy!)

I doubt they'll be inconsolable with us gone...I'm wondering if they'll even notice. Susanna asked me today if they could stay with Uncle Mark and Aunt Beth forever. I've been wanting to make sure they look forward to and enjoy their time, but I also reminded her that Uncle Mark will make naughty children stand in the corner with their nose on the wall....she assured me she's not going to be naughty. Ha! That'll be the day!

Say a prayer for us. Say a prayer for our "babysitters." Say a prayer for the kids. But mostly, say a prayer for me....I'm gonna miss those rascals....and hope I don't worry too much!


Martha said...

There was the time that Liz went to Paraguay w/Dianne and me and her kids were 4 and 2. There were tornados that tore through her town while were were on the other side of the equator. Then a few years later, Karen and Oscar were in Phoenix for a special wedding and Paraguay's president was murdered (right, Kar?). Things happen. God still knows. I'll pray for your peace, Lin.

precius grandma said...

You sound ust like a MOM! I remember how I felt when we were gone and you kids stayed with A. Carole and U. Ralph. I missed you so much, only to be faced with "Hi, A. Peg" from you kids when we got back, and you addressed A. Carole as Mom and U. Ralph as daddy. Yeah, I cried! But I got over it real soon. Love you just the same. and remember, God is STILL in control. Enjoy your trip. Your kids will, too.

precious grandma said...

ok, so I didn't spell check precious.

liz said...

Aunt Peg, that is kind of funny...sorry!

Have fun, Lin. I think it's healthy for kids and parents to learn to be apart from each other. Saul good, as Taylor would say.