Thursday, March 19, 2009

St Patrick's Day

Now that the kids are getting a bit older and are more aware of what's going on outside of our own lives, I told them about St. Patrick and the whole holiday. Luke has been excited all month as he's see "broccoli" on windows in stores and such (he just can't seem to remember "shamrock") and couldn't wait until the day when we need to wear green and eat green....and it finally arrived (and yes, I know that has nothing to do with St. Patrick, per se, but it's the tradition of green....). He excitedly dressed himself in green and eagerly awaited his green food in the morning. Susanna thanked me for making green food in the morning. (although they made the green toast...."painted" with green milk then toasted) Sus wiped out her food. Luke all of a sudden wasn't hungry, which is VERY unlike him!

We had a reprieve at lunch and ate "normal" food, then came the green mashed potatoes for supper. Luke thanked me over and over for making green potatoes and asked for alot...but again, when it came time to eat them....well, let's just say he was very hungry the next morning!

It was fun, we did lots of green things during the day, and we're looking forward to it again next year!


liz said...

Man, your kids are cute Lin!

LindaSue said...

yeah, they take after me.... (although, seriously, they look alot like both our baby pictures combined!)

Brownie said...

Cute kids... of course nothing like mine ROFL!!!!!

BTW I am seriously considering those vitamins.

precious grandma said...

Cute kids is the understatement of the year! They're special and precious. So are you to make green food for them! Try green noodles next time using spinach in the dough (or get the tri colored ones already made and pick out the green ones)