Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Various stuff

Okay, I cannot stop laughing at my cousin Martha's blog today...click the link and check it out. For any of you mom's out there, you will REALLY appreciate her budding artist story! Drop her a comment if you have any suggestions. Oh, I wish I could see the artwork in person!

Hey, if you're in the area this weekend (or if you already live here), come by our house Saturday between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. I'm having a Watkins open house and sampling literally dozens of items. Okay, some of them are things like the room fresheners and shea butters and wonderful new chemical-free cleaners, but I've also got some really yummy things on the menu like chips and salsa, tomato-basil tossed noodles, fat-free chocolate almond pudding dip, mandarin orange dip, apple spice muffins, orange spice bread, zippy breadsticks, cranberry mustard with pretzels, four different hot cocoas, several different dips, barbecue shredded meat, shortbread cookies with peppermint-flavored sprinkles, baked potato soup, a really good honey butter spread that tastes just like Cinnabon, and so much more! Can't make it but want to try some of the things? Email me or send me a comment; I typed up all the recipes of things I'm making. Want to stock up on some gifts or items for Christmas baking? Check out my website at www.watkinsonline.com/lindasuecarter (or click the link at the upper right on this page) -- you can order online and have things shipped directly to you, or you can give me a call if you're from this area.

And on a sadder note, today I hit a dog. The kids and I had errands to do (well, I did...they were along for the ride), and as we were driving down a back road, a black lab darted in front of our van. I slammed on my brakes, but there was still a sickening crunch and thud. Two ladies rushed out of a yard and told me the dog was their neighbor's -- I went to the house as they tried to find the dog...I'd heard him whimpering and howling, then silence. As I'm talking to the owner (who reassured me it was okay...I think I felt worse than he did!), the neighbors are still trying to find the dog. Freaked me out enough to make me check under the van to see if he was stuck there some how (yuck!). We looked all over and couldn't find that dog! Then a neighbor across a corn field came over to tell us she'd seen him loping down the road and off on another road. I was amazed he could still move, let alone was alive! Not sure if they ever found him; the guy kept reassuring me everything was okay, nobody could find the dog, so we continued on our way. Then I was met with little voices "Mama, do you think we can find the dog?" Um. Well, the neighbor ladies are looking for him. "Mama, what do you think happened with the dog?" Ummmmm. Well, he was hurt because he ran in front of a car without looking. That's why you must ALWAYS stop and look before going anywhere near cars and you must always hold Mama's hand. "Mama, where is he?" Sigh. Do you think the grocery store will let you have a cookie today? "I want a cookie!" "No, I want a cookie!" The questions will come again. They always do. And what DID happen to that dog?

So my latest poll is going to expire pretty soon....got any ideas for questions? My cousin Liz has a great Thanksgiving themed one that I want to do, but I don't want to copy. Oh well, maybe I will! I've come to think, based on my last couple questions, that those taking the time to answer like to read just about anything and want to know more about Watkins, and they are mainly my friends and not family.

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Peg said...

Remember when Bear disappeared for several weeks one winter, only to appear outside our window whimpering. On checking we saw he was obviously hit by a car and injured his him, which was well on the way to being healed! And Bear lived for a LONG time after that! I know the sickening feeling when you his something. It almost makes me sick to my stomach just thinking I hurt one of God's little creatures...yes, even all those squirrels running around!
Love you all much.