Friday, November 9, 2007

First accumulation

Luke came down stairs this morning quite excited, "Mama, Mama, I looked outside and saw the red van and it was clean with soap on it!" (okay, so we live on a dirt road...this posting isn't about how clean or dirty the van is!) -- after looking out our bedroom window, he realized it was snow and asked if it's Christmas yet.

Susanna, on the other hand, knew right away what was going on. She'd come down about 15 minutes earlier, looked outside, and with all the wonder and awe of a child breathed, "Mama, it SNOWED! I must go tell Uncle Tim!"

Snow forecast for today and tomorrow...50s on Sunday.

Earlier this week we had our first snow fall; they did in Ohio and Canada, too. If you want to read and see something hilarious, check out my cousin Liz's blog (link on the right) -- her kids were REALLY excited about the snow!


Peg said...

I bet Uncle Tim was really thrilled! Now about the snow, but being awaken so erly in teh AM. Love ou al. Mom

liz said...

Wow, Aunt Peg seems to missing some keys!

I love the comment about whose birthday it is!

LindaSue said...

Yeah, we focus on Christmas being Jesus' birthday and don't do presents that day at all. We also do a birthday cake for Jesus that the kids get to decorate (taking Tammy's idea).

Peg said...

Actually, Liz, my brain goes faster than my fingers sometimes. Really, though, when my keyboard batteries begin to run out of juice or whatever, it skips letters. (That's what I get for not previewing before posting)