Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Tony

Hi all -- I have another prayer request for you; this one even closer to home.

Tony is at the hospital right now, just admitted to ICU from the ER. Yesterday his heart started doing funny things (and I wasn't even in eye sight!), but he neglected to let anyone know until this morning when he informed me he thought he should go to the clinic. Upon calling the clinic, they told him he should go directly to the hospital due to his symptoms (irregular heart beat, lasting more than 24 hours). He told me this has happened twice before when he was in his 20s; both times they could find nothing wrong, so he didn't say anything figuring it would work itself out.

The hospital informed him if he'd have come in right away, they could have given him some medication to see if that would regulate the rhythm, but since he waited so long, there was a danger of clotting and they'd have to give him blood thinner first. He spent about 3 hours in the ER before they finally got him up to a room and opted to put him in ICU because things involved the heart. By the time he got in his room, he was quite hungry and his heart rhythm seems to have regulated, praise God! He thinks they won't let him leave today, though.

We were able to spend a bit of time with him in the ER before the kids got to squirrelly. I was surprised they weren't phased by seeing Daddy hooked up to all kinds of monitors and with an IV in him. Susanna's greatest concern was why the doctor took his clothes and made him naked (waist up); Luke was more concerned with getting back to the lobby to play with all the toys. I pray God will help me to remain calm so that the concern I do have isn't transmitted to the kids.

Right now it appears as if everything is back to normal. They are doing some blood work for Lyme's disease, mainly because he had a deer tick attached in mid-October and want to rule out that possibility.

I'll let you all know more as I know.
Thanks for your prayers.


Martha said...

Lin we will certainly be praying for Tony and for you! This is a stressful thing for you to be dealing with right now. I'm thankful you have enough family around that they can help you out, too. We'll keep praying!!!

Peg said...

We rejoice also that you have Family so close by to help you and encourage you. We are also thankful this is NOT in the middle of summer! You are all in our prayers. Love, Mom

liz said...

Count on our prayers, Lin. God is in control.

LindaSue said...

Thanks, he's doing quite well and is very bored in the hospital. They're keeping him at least overnight and will be doing 2 EKG's and a "deluxe" stress test which will take most of tomorrow. God willing, he'll be released, pending the results of his stress test. I'm thankful the kids are still not even phased by it all, although they are praying God will let the doctors make Daddy all better :)

GramSchley said...

You'll have our special prayers for him/you, also. Like your Mom said, I'm thankful this is in a slower period of the family business.
Love, Aunt Carole