Monday, April 5, 2010

Whose Child IS This?!?!?!?!

So tonight at supper, out of the blue, Susanna starts on one of her stories. We never know if they are true (like the frog in the bathroom -- TRUE!!) or imagined (I remember when I was at Disneyland and saw all the Disney know, when I was still in your tummy...." -- IMAGINED!! although I had been to both US Disney parks several times...before we were even married) or half and half (way too many options to choose from)....but this one, I'm still laughing!

Mama, when we were at the Blakes (cousins) on Saturday, I did something and they told me I had to take a time out on the couch, and I DID but...but....Mama, (with a look of total confusion and lack of understanding on her face), Mama, the cousins don't LIKE having their tushies peenched! And they told me I had to sit on the couch and then Aunt Rita said well we'll ask David and Uncle David said that I had to! But Mary hit me when I peenched her tushie, so she had to sit on the couch, too, but for NINE MINUTES!

I couldn't hold a straight face. Neither could Tony. And that set Luke off, too...while Susanna continued to look perplexed over why someone wouldn't want their tushie pinched (even though she hates it...but it doesn't stop us from...okay, I won't continue that sentence. You all might think she got the idea of "peenching" tushies from us or something!). I did manage to ask through my laughter and almost tears, "Um, Sus, are you going to peench any more tushies?" "Oh no, Mama!"

But I give myself credit. Before bursting into laughter, I did issue a stern warning that tushie "peenching" is ONLY for people in the same family.....

And I still don't know if this is true, imagined, or half and half. I'll have to call Rita in the morning.....


a.kath said...

Love you,

precious grandma said...

you just have to love ther! She's got such a neat way of expressing her thoughts. Love and kisses to all (no peenches either)