Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Look Out, Boys!

At the breakfast table this morning:

Susanna, who wanted some jam on her toast, handed the jar to Luke and, with a little simpering smile, said, "Luke, you have such big, strong muscles! Would you please open this jar for me?"

Whoom! Chest puffed out. Smile wider than the Grand Canyon. Arms thrown up and fists clenched in typical strong-man pose and Luke flexed those big, strong muscles.

Again, with that simpering little smile, Susanna reached over and squeezed Luke's wrist, yes, wrist, as she gushed, "Oh, Luke, you are SO STRONG!"

Whoom! Chest thrown out even further, smile completely engulfs face. "Yes, Susanna, I AM strong! I can open this for you. EASY!"

Twisting and turning. Grimacing. Muttering, "I think I need a can opener." Mama trying to stay out of it but feeling the pain. Reaching over and loosening it as he takes a breather.

Luke finally gets it open with a smile. Susanna....."You're my HERO!"

Look out, boys. She knows how to manipulate!


precious grandma said...

I love it!She's got him twisted around her little finger.

Martha said...

Ooohhh boy!