Saturday, April 24, 2010

Peter Pan -- Opening Night

One of the "stars" of the show

Christy...a little mermaid

Mother, Wendy, Nana, Michael, and John

aaahhhhh!!!! The Crocodile!!

Wendy and some of the Lost Boys and Peter

The mermaids, Peter, and Wendy

The pirates!

The indians

Indian maidens
The show was incredible. The children did an AWESOME job! I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow's performance ... and hope to get a better picture of MY Indian as well as Tinker Bell, who had a stupendeous performance. These kids were incredible.
If you're within driving distance, join us Saturday at 1:00 at Faith Baptist Church -- adults are $3, kids are $1, children 5 and under are free.....


precious grandma said...

would love to be there! trust tonight's performance will be even better than last night if that's possible.

Martha said...

LOVE the costumes on these kids!!

Brownie said...

hey - I guess I'm guilty of the same! Reading blogs and not leaving comments! I wish there was some easy counter that would let you know how many people read your blog entry. I suppose just writing for pleasure should be enough.... *sigh*