Thursday, March 11, 2010


Wow, today has been quite a day! We're at The Edge in Duluth right now, an awesome hotel with a great indoor water park. Our home school group is on a field trip to the Great Lakes Aquarium, and many of us came over a day earlier and got great group rate here.

We left mid morning, stopped at WalMart to get a new digital camera, then headed over to The Depot, a small collection of museums, including a Children's Museum and a Train Museum...much to the delight of Luke and Susi. As they were climbing into yet another 100 year old train, Susanna said "I am having SO MUCH FUN!" We then did something special for me.... at at a REAL Mexican restaurant, well, as real as you can get here in Minnesota! After a delicious early supper, we headed over to The Edge, aka The Edgewater Hotel, on the edge of Lake Superior and home to an awesome indoor water park. Time flew as we spent almost three hours going down slides, floating on tubes down a "river," went in circles in another pool, and tried shooting baskets. There were two giant the kids couldn't go on, and one they could go on with us...on double passenger tubes. Huge slide! Felt like you'd flip over inside. Luke rode with me and was more than happy when we were done. Susanna got done and, five minutes later, decided she really wanted to go she did! We headed back to the room where they begged to go to bed.

Can't wait for tomorrow and our adventures at the aquarium!

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precious grandma said...

So glad you're enjoying your time away with your family! I can only imagine the fun if they were so tired they wanted to go to bed. ENJOY! (Just so it doesn't put you all OVER "The Edge" Hugs and Love to you all