Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Edge Water Park

Well, here it is...the water park pictures! In no particular order... there was a "river" to float down on inner tubes, several slides, kid-sized and adult sized. In one photo, you'll see the slides looping around the top of the park. The dark blue slide is the one that Susanna loved! Kids could ride down, on a double inner tube in front of an adult. She went down three times and would've gone more...Luke was done the first time down :) The kiddie area also had this giant bucket with a tiki face painted on it that continually filled with water. Every two minutes it would dump out...Tony figured it was about 100 gallons at a time. There are a couple photos of the water splashing out all over. There were also two orange cone buckets that continually filled with water and sporatically dumped over with no warning. Being the good mama that I am, I had Luke pose for a photo...under the cone...waiting until it dumped. Kid didn't realize what I was doing and actually fell for it twice! All in all, we had a blast!

I'll post aquarium photos next time I get a chance....

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