Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flying into Hawaii

Here are a few pictures that probably won't thrill anyone but my kids (fair warning!)... and, well, maybe not even them!

The clouds were amazing coming in...I always am so amazed looking at clouds from above them...anyone else wonder if they are as fluffy as they look? Wonder if you would bounce on them if you jumped on them? I know, I know...I probably wouldn't even bounce after I landed on the ground trying to jump "on" them!

At last, though, we again saw the ocean...then the shoreline...which surprised me. We flew into Kona on "the Big Island" which is the drier side...it initially appears all black from the lava rocks...then you see the "graffitti" -- things people wrote on the lava using small white coral....then you see the gorgeous flowers all over. LOVELY!
We were greeted by the Watkins travel crew with beautiful leis made of plumera. And as we were waiting for the luggage to come off, like any good Watkins associate, I signed the porter up as a customer! He'd never heard of Watkins, so I whipped out a catalog I just "happened" to have on hand, and he immediately picked out several things he plans on ordering :) Working on next year's trip!
We had a welcome reception, met the few dozen others here with Watkins, and chatted for a bit. Today, I'm getting ready to head down to breakfast then off on an island tour with Keith & Karen (my upline), Deb, and Annette and her husband Adriene (I think?) -- a few more from Hagen's group. Tomorrow....luau!

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