Thursday, January 7, 2010


Six years ago I was in alot of pain. Sent to the hospital because the baby inside me decided it wanted OUT even though there were still three weeks to go. Popped my water, the little bugger. Had to be induced. Wouldn't wish that on ANYONE. After 12 hours, they gave me drugs. Made the room spin, couldn't open my eyes without getting motion sick. At least once or twice, Tony thought I was close to dying. Pale, moaning, not able to bear it. Finally got a partial epidural....just in time to give one last push and welcome a squalling baby boy into the world. He made me a mom. Tony became a dad. And our lives have never been the same.
This not-so-little-any-more guy keeps us laughing, makes each day brighter, and constantly challenges us in good ways. He loves God whole-heartedly and always has a song to sing. He's (usually) a wonderful big brother (more on that next month!), and an excellent helper at home, on the farm, at the market, and anywhere else he is.

He loves his food -- from limes to veggies to meat to snacks and cookies -- he loves his hair and doesn't want it buzzed again (sorry, Buddy, it's gonna happen again....I guarantee it!). And for some reason, almost every picture taken of him shows him with glowing red eyes (and I don't have time to fix 'em all right now).

He lives life to the fullest...whether it's at home in the play room; at church for home-school co-op, Sunday School, or Awana; on the farm playing or helping feed the cows, plant, weed, pick, or whatever else needs done; at the market being a bear or being a kid; wherever we are.
The physical pain is gone....but the joy is here to stay.
Happy birthday, Luke. We love you more than you can ever imagine.


precious grandma said...

What a nice blog for a super great boy! Can hardly wait to see him (and Susanna) again. A very special happy birthday to Luke...I'm thankful you are a part of our big family! And I just love your joyful heart!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Luke!

Lori said...

This is a great capture of his vivacious spirit! Love the pictures! Love the boy! Give him a hug from Aunt Lori ~ who trusts he had a very nice birthday!

Martha said...

Thanks so much for the variety of pictures, Lin! He IS getting bigger! Wow! Hope his birthday was a joy for everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi LInda! I'm a terrible blog reader but a took a look in order to see how Luke's BD was. Nice pictures. Luke has done a LOT already in 6 quick years. What adventures await in the next 6 years. Enjoy!
Aunt Carla