Thursday, January 14, 2010


Wow, I don't always remember to write down what my kids say as they say it...and miss the opportunity to share with the entire world (or at least the dozen or so who read my blog) what got me laughing during the day....but! Here are a few from the past few days.

Luke, immediately upon waking up on his birthday: Wow, Susanna, I'm sure glad I'm not only 4 like you are!

Susanna to Tony, as he walked in the house shortly after she received a "hand spanking" (slap on the wrist) for spraying WD-40 all over: Daddy, YOU left that spray out where I could get it and I got a discipline for spraying it all over! You should be more careful where you leave things. (and the next day, she spraying Watkins all purpose cleaner in her cereal.....)

Luke, during supper: Wow, Mama, you are the most beautifulest woman in the whole world!
Me: Even more beautiful than Vanna White? (they love watching Pat & Vanna)
Luke: No! Of course not! Wait! What does that mean?
(he then quickly assured me that I am really more beautiful than Vanna)

Susanna, trying to get in on the compliments: Mama, Vanna and you have the most beautifulest dresses in the whole world!

Susanna, seeing a double-yolked egg for the first time today: Look, Mama! It's a two-headed egg! Can I eat it?

They crack us up, kids who are growing up entirely too fast. Their imaginations go full blast right now, and it's fun just sitting back and listening to their interactions, especially when playing.

I'm looking forward to a day tomorrow of not much more than enjoying my kids (after I figure out and pay the state and federal quarterly taxes and figure out what I need to pack for our St Cloud trip next week...the rest can wait until Saturday....although I'm convinced the laundry keeps growing....)


GramS said...

Enjoy them, and keep writing their thoughts and actions. They'll never believe you in 20 years that they were like this.

precious grandma said...

This is kind of like grandma P's diary. I can't believe I was as "mouthy" as I was, or as "brilliant" either. (No comments, please from A. Carole or A. Kath) Thanks.
Keep writing down those wise sayings. They make good reading after the kids get married. YOUR grandkids will love you for it.

Martha said...

Two-headed egg! I love it. My guys love looking for them whenever we have a carton of large eggs. I love this one! :)

Amanda said...

These are so precious! Sounds like you have some intelligent and thoughtful kids!


P.S. And funny!