Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Tried Not to Laugh...

This has been another tough week with Susanna. You read about some of the more mild things that happened this week. Then there was yesterday. She went downstairs in the morning not even 10 minutes before me...and wiped out a tube of imported chocolates AND two giant cookies in that short time. Her discipline was no treat at the Market that day, regardless of what Luke got (and I planned to make his treat a REALLY good one). He decided he wanted shortbread. And who could blame him? Well, she saw his treat and informed me quite loudly in front of a market full of customers "Mama, I decided for my discipline I want a spanking. Then I can have a cookie." "Really? YOU want a SPANKING?" "Yes, Mama. I want a spanking." I told her to go outside and wait for me. She did, clutching both hands to her tush. A few minutes later, I followed her out the back door only to be informed, "I decided I'd rather not have the cookie."

Then, we got home in the evening and she was going to set the table. Once again, she grabbed all the plates, trying to balance them in one hand, but this time, before I could tell her not to, that she was going to drop the dishes (something she hears often)....she did. And broke one. Corell. Unbreakable. And it landed on a padded mat. Then I noticed her face. Covered in raspberries and strawberries. The raspberries and strawberries I brought home to make three pies for a family supper tonight at the farm. I brought home just enough, no extra to spare. I cried. Literally. I just wanted out for awhile. This may not sound like that big of a deal to you, but it's just been one struggle after another with her and getting more and more each day. Figure in working full time at the market, trying to keep up with things at home, etc.....well, it's overwhelming. Tony helped, but I don't know if he clearly understood what I've been dealing with.

Until today.

Saturdays our routine is usually a bit different. Today we had a babysitter here while I was at the Market. Friends of ours had a 25th anniversary celebration, and the kids went with the babysitter and her family. Tony was then going to take them to the Logging Days in town to watch the lumber jack competitions after dropping more sweet corn off at the Market. Ha!

About 2:45, I called Tony to see how soon we'd have more corn. He answered the phone a bit out of sorts. "I got home and the girl was running around naked. She got all wet some how and I think there's soap all over. We can't find any clothes, and I have no idea where the babysitter is. I haven't even picked corn yet." I couldn't help it. I tried not to laugh. But I did.

He hung up on me.

(I found out later, the babysitter was upstairs trying to find clothes for Susanna...and it isn't like she doesn't have drawers-full of them....)


Amanda said...

Found you through Tasty Kitchen... I live outside the cities! We used to drive through Park Rapids all the time when visiting my family in Fosston and Bemidji.

Hope you are having a blessed day!

LindaSue said...

Hi might even have stopped at our Market, maybe...we're on 34 just across from AmericInn (Carter's Red Wagon Farm). Good to "meet" you!

precious grandma said...

Oh, my! What else can I say! You really have a challenge with Susi! And she is SO CUTE! A real original! And we love her dearly, as know you do, too! Hugs and kisses to all of thim, including Tony. Sounds like he needs it, too!

Martha said...

If you had said, "little boy" instead of "little girl", I might have thought you were talking about OUR house!!!! Sigh. Keep going, Lin! Your rough edges are just being smoothed out. :)

Andria Graham said...

oh, that made me laugh... not sure whether Katie and Susi should meet or not... but you described so many days in my house it's not quite funny :) Katie would be hard pressed to pick between a cookie and a spanking, too :) God help us with these wonderful, stubborn little girls of ours... but can you imagine what amazing women they will be!