Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday Nights

I love Tuesday nights. Tuesday night is bath night, as is Saturday night (which I also love). After supper, Daddy takes over. I get to spend the time cleaning up, reading, catching up on emails or other work, or publishing a new post for my blog. Daddy gets splashed, ends up close to soaken wet, and gets two very loud and happy children ready for bed.

Tonight my in-laws came over for supper along with our nephew Clinton. Pork chops, potatoes, corn bread, Carter's yellow beans, Carter's beets, and fresh-made applesauce (the latter courtesy of my MIL) were on the menu. Left-over goodies from our last pumpkin party (sugar cookies, cupcakes, and rice crispy squares) made up dessert. There are lots of full bellies and not many left overs.

After supper, Luke introduced Grandpa Carter to the Rescue Heroes while Susanna almost continuously said, "Grandfather, are you listening?" No, she usually doesn't call him "Grandfather." I'm almost wondering if someone substituted children on me today when we were out and about town. Grandma asked her if she was going to be three on her next birthday, to which Susanna replied, "No, Grandma, I am not. I am a, a, a GENIUS!" Luke piped in that since he is three, he will be two on his next birthday....and he is a genius, too. (Okay, maybe he needs to work more on that math thing) We're honestly not sure where they got that idea, or where they even heard the word "genuius"!

You know, since becoming a parent, I've come to understand the Father/child relationship we have with God even better. I am thankful even more at His patience towards me when I pull my "spoiled child" routine, or pretend that I can't hear Him. And while I'm not always successful in applying His patience towards me to my own children in similar circumstances, I often stop and think about how He handles the same situation with me....the times when my children are defiant or ignore me or are just too busy doing "fun" stuff to do what they should and am able to control the situation (okay, my reaction) better than I feel like doing. And I'm even more thankful that Tony and I are not in this parenting thing by ourselves.

Thank You, God, for bringing me into Your family, for giving me my family, and for providing a husband who takes over on bath night!


liz said...

Lin, I love your posts. It's so good to keep up with you on a regular basis. Thanks!

GramSchley said...

That looks like an awfully big bathtub! Who has to clean the ring around it when they're done?
Love you!

LindaSue said...

I've had to tell Tony that a swim in the pool does NOT count as a bath! Keep the comments coming.... they're encouraging me to write more! And Liz, I love your posts, too.

Martha said...

I can relate to your comments about learning the Father/child relationship better now as a parent. I naively thought I had that concept down pat ... until my kids were born!

Peg said...

Of course Luke and Susanna both are in the genius class. When we were there, we noticed how their little "brain wheels" are constantly turning. We were amazed and the things both of them figured out. (I will say that trait certainly runs in both the Pavkov and Carter famillies. not to mention the Toth angle as well. How can they NOT help but be 99.9 percent genius and 0.1 percent child? Believe me, I 'm not a bit biased, am I?