Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of attending one of my dear friend's wedding. We both moved to Park Rapids about the same time and were part of many of the same church activities. Britt has been like a kid sister to me, and one of her biggest dreams has been to marry the man of her dreams and have a bunch of kids. Part of that dream finally came true! It was also an honor to have our children as part of the wedding party. Those pictures are coming up next!
Congrats, John and Brittany! May God bless your new lives together!
woo-hoo! She KISSED him!

Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson

And she's officially married!

Don't blow out the candle, John!

Cutting the cake

Before the wedding....

Brittany and her dad

The cake...yes, those are black bears on the top!


precious grandma said...

lovely wedding. Great pictures of all. Susanna looks so good in that dress. Glad it fit so well. Luke looks so grown up! Brittany looks very happy. Tell her we're vaery happy for her.

Lori said...

BEAUTIFUL! The now MRS. Brittany! Such cute pictures and wonderful memories!