Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kids Say the, well....(part 2)

Today at breakfast, Susanna quite frankly told me, "Mama, would you like me to tell you how babies get in Mama tummies?" I was glad I didn't have anything in my mouth at the time...and quickly reminded myself "always ask....always ask....."

And so I did. And was greatly enlightened. And still haven't found out how she figured it out.

"Well, Mamas go to a doctor, a SPECIAL doctor, and he takes a very sharp knife (I started breathing a little easier) and cuts her tummy ALLLLLLL the way down. Then, he puts the baby inside and sews her all the way back up." (little shrug) "That's it."

Serious face. No laughing. "Wow, Susanna. That's, um, that's AMAZING!" Then Tony walked in. "Honey, tell Daddy now."

"Daddy, you wanna know how babies get into Mama tummies?" (I almost choked keeping back the laughter at the look on Tony's face!) Same story again. I asked her, "Susanna, do you ever want to have a baby?" "NO WAY!"

Whew. Although I suppose some day she's gonna have to find out it's just a little different than that!

And you should have seen the look on Cousin Clinton's face when she matter-of-factly filled HIM in on the facts of life at supper!


precious grandma said...

I love it. Maybe someday she'll be an OB/GYN MD. They have to start somewhere. I laughed so hard reading this I could hardly read it out loud to Dad.

Anonymous said...

Very cute story. I'm glad you are writing these things down to share with her someday. Make sure you back up your computer so you don't lose any info. Lilly