Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Are You?

My cousin added an interesting feature to her blog several months ago, and copy cat that I am, I did the same. It's called "Sitemeter" and it's a program that shows you how many people pull up your blog, how long they spend on the site, and the city and state (or country) that they live in. It's really cool to pull up occasionally just to see how many people really DO read (or stumble on) my blog.

What's been interesting to me....and is really piquing my WHO ARE YOU? The people out there in cities where I don't know anyone (at least, I don't THINK I do) who spend time on my blog?

Someone from Sebeka (MN) regularly checks in...but I don't know anyone with a computer from there (or do I?). Someone in Duluth also has been stopping by lately. Lots of locals in Park Rapids (but I know of several from church who comment on my blog, too...and it's cool that you check in!). I have relatives in Doylestown (OH) who keep up with my blog, although I'm not sure which ones....along with Columbus (OH) and Mansfield (OH) and Clive (IA). But who lives in Stow (OH)? Or Hawthorne (CA)? I know who my Canadian reader is (unless there is more than one!) as well as my occasionally Filipino visitor (Hi D&R!) and Paraguayan (sp?) cousin. Who lives in Hallsville (OH) (where IS Hallsville, OH), and where did that "unknown location" come from???? And Mallory (NY)?? Someone told me about a friend from years ago who lives in Hackensack (NJ) and catches up occasionally (which is really cool!), and an old church friend and school friend read from Stafford (VA). A dear friend of mine visiting from Alaska the week I had surgery (and brought a meal for us, thank you!) pops in from Anchorage (AK). And someone from Irvine (CA) keeps tabs, too. I know people in Medina (OH) but have no idea who it is who stops by online...but HI!!!

Maybe this may be too intrusive to my readers; I don't mean it to. And Sitemeter gives me no clue WHO you are, just WHERE you are. And it is really cool (in a slightly, or maybe not so slightly, egotistical way) and kinda scary? that so many people from so many places take time out of their day to "check in" on Linda's Life.

But that leads to more questions. Do I get too personal sometime? Are many of you apalled by my burping report after surgery (which has GREATLY diminished, thank you very much!)? Are you ready to read about things OTHER than my surgery and health? Do you think my kids are as adorable as I do?

And while I'm not necessarily asking WHO ARE YOU?? (Okay, maybe I am!), it would be cool if you drop a little comment, even anonymously, and tell me where you're from. But if you don't, that's cool, too.

As for an update on today, I took Susi to the doctor to make sure her cough wasn't something worse (whooping cough has been diagnosed here in Park Rapids) and thankfully it isn't...although she DOES have a pretty bad ear infection that she only started to complain about IN the doctor's office! We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday with a slow day at home putting up our smaller Christmas tree downstairs (with lots of fun decorations at the bottom of the tree as well as on the tree) followed by a wonderful meal at the farm and playing with cousins -- I'll have pictures and more on that when I unload from my video camera. We're planning on going in to town tonight for the Christmas Tree lighting and the Taste of Christmas downtown. And as for me, I'm very, VERY thankful I've been able to eat regular food, besides chicken! since Wednesday, including some dutch apple pie, yummy! Still taking it easy with what all I eat, but my menu is much more varied now, yippee! And I still get tired if I'm standing too long or doing too much, but I also take a break when that happens.

Have a GREAT weekend!


liz said...

Sorry to inform, but sitemeter lists me as from Stow, Ohio. But I do stop by often--daily, in fact, as I'm sure you've noticed! And I think the people that come back are happy to read what you've written!

Martha said...

Lin, you're asking all the questions that I want to know, too!! Liz, thanks for clarifying the Stow report. I've been wondering there, too.

Lin, I'm always happy to read whatever you write. That's why I come back. :)

And by the way, I'm from Kitchener, ON.

LindaSue said...

Stow? REALLY? Why does it show up that way, I wonder? But that DOES answer one question! Hmmm...wonder who it is from Mansfield, then....

And Mar, I KNOW you're from Kitchener, but sitemeter only shows "Canada."

Feel free to do a cut and paste into your own column (you may want to eliminate the comment about burping....)

GramS said...

OK, I'll let you know that I just might be the only Doylestown OH person reading this. The other relatives are doing their FL residency right now. Aunt A. likes it warmer than Ohio's winters.
Sometimes I only have time to check in on Saturdays, but I do like to see what's happening with you all.

LindaSue said...

but there is also Sarika and Eszti, too.....and at least one has told me she reads my blog, too!

GramS said...

I forgot you have Toth aunts here in D-town! I'm glad they're here.
I can see Eszti's house when I leave my Latchkey job and do think about them.

Anonymous said...

Sitemeter says I'm from N. Carolina instead of Wadsworth, OH. I don't quite understand. You got the Hackensack one right; my sister Heidi. She introduced me to your blog during one visit and I check by occassionally from one of your cousins sites. Nice reconnecting with you. Lilly Shurance

LindaSue said...

Lilly! How are you? It's been so long! I do'nt remember sitemeter showing N Carolina, but I do see Wadsworth from time to time...maybe you or someone else? Glad you "stop by" and do keep in touch!

Paula said...

I think that sitemeter shows where your connection originates, hence the confusion. You are the one from Sebeka! That's the only Minnesota that ever appears on mine.

LindaSue said...

I guess we are "from" Sebeka, but there is another, too, because I originally thought we were Sebeka (where our IP is) but too many times the time doesn't match when either of us are there is someone else out there, too!