Friday, November 14, 2008

What do hippos eat?

This is what I heard as my children woke up at (bless their hearts!) 9:00 this morning.

Luke, what do hippopotamuses eat?

Sandwiches, Susanna.

Sandwiches? Weally, Luke?

Yes, Susanna. If you are going to see a hippopotamus, you must take a sandwich for them. Even when fishes are swimming in the water and a hippopotamus tries to eat the fishes, they cannot eat them. So because they are very hungry, you must give them a sandwich.

I wonder if they like PBJ? (my thought, not their comment)

Then the next conversation:

Are you wet, Luke?

Yes, I am very wet. That is why Mama is going to buy diapers for us. And if we can be dry wearing diapers, then we can wear overnights again.

Okay. Because I am vewy wet, too.

Followed by:

I am vewy tall, Luke, and you are vewy tall, too.

Yes, you are very tall, but you are still little because I am bigger than you. But you are still very tall.

Oh. Okay.

And I wonder if my daughter has finally clothed herself and stopped running around this freezing cold house naked....sigh; it can be so hard to keep clothes on that girl!


liz said...

I kind of miss the days of listening to the monitor...

LindaSue said...

ah, Liz, there are so many great hiding places in bedrooms. Who says you can't put a monitor in their rooms now? :D

liz said...

Sometimes I'm not sure I want to hear. :P

precious grandma said...

I agree with Liz. Sometimes Mothers don't want to know everything their kids say or do!
Lin, do Luke and Susanna realize you can hear everything they say in their room? I thinkSusanna m ust take after some of her other relatives regarding the clothes.

Martha said...

I got rid of our monitor. I forgot too many times that I had it on and I said things I shouldn't have when I was in the bedroom and guests were in the kitchen listening to me. I'm done with monitors.

liz said...

Mar, I forgot about that! One time we shut off the sending part of our set and suddenly we could hear EVERYTHING going on in our neighbor's house! As we listened with our jaws hanging open, we realized that we had often just turned off the receiving part of the set, being too lazy to go upstairs and turn off the other, essentially providing the same information/service/entertainment to our neighbors...

GramS said...

Monitors? Those modern conveniences? They weren't even invented when my kids were little. Sounds like that's a good thing.