Monday, December 17, 2007

Voices of Christmas

Yesterday's featured "Voice of Christmas" was none other than Elisabeth, mother of John. What a wonderful reminder of continuing to have faith when everything seems so hopeless!

We also had our tiny tot and "big kids" Christmas programs last night. They went wonderful. Well...except you know how there is always one kid that stands out during the singing? Well, this one kid decided to sing every note LOUD and staccato. Yeah. That kid was mine. Too bad our video battery died right when Tony started taping the tiny tots! I'm trying to find someone else who taped so I can get it before we leave for Ohio.....and there was also one kid who didn't want to be up there, stayed for part of the time, ran to her father, went back up, then ran into her Sunday School teacher's arms for the rest of the program. You guessed it. Also my child. But they said their parts and sang their songs again when we got home!

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Mom said...

sounds like they are normal kids! Can hardly wait to see them!