Monday, December 10, 2007

Voices of Christmas

Yesterday at church, we had our third "Voice of Christmas" -- Mary. Audra Hill, a stay-at-home mom who also home schools and is even busier than me with outside activities, played the part of Mary to the hilt. From the moment she walked out carrying a woven basket, dressed in blue with a white head scarf, Susanna sat up taking notice. "Mama, is that MARY? I want to go see Baby Jesus!" During the ten or so minute recitation, Susanna sat enthralled, nothing breaking her attention (except for the oft repeated comment or demand, depending on her tone of voice, "I want to go see Baby Jesus!"). Even Luke managed to sit still the entire time, listening to Mary tell of the angel's visit, her humble unbelief at being chosen (me, a lowely Nazarine!) to be the mother of the promised Messiah, and what it meant to her life afterwards. Pastor Marty again followed it up with a wonderful sermon on Mary and how it changed her life forever. I really wish you could each hear this fantastic Christmas series, both the "Voices of Christmas" and the message that follows each one. I can't even begin to describe what an impact they are having. It makes me eagerly anticipate who will be "featured" next week....although we will miss the one on the Sunday before Christmas (we're going to Ohio!).

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