Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moving Right Along....

We have finally started the process that eight years ago we knew would one day come. Back then, in our almost-married stage, we had no idea when it would come. What would be involved. How long it would take. But now, it has started. We are starting our move into The Farm House.

Almost 60 years ago, my in-laws moved here as newly weds. Over time, with hard work, good planning, and many abundant blessings from God, Dad Carter and his family built up a great farm that led to a solid, local business. I'm not sure exactly how many acres are planted between the farm and the north property, but we grow alfalfa hay, produce from asparagus to zucchini, raise hormone-free beef cows, and recently started with chickens, too. It is alot of work, but it's satisfying work.

Tony and I currently live about 1/4 mile from the farm, not that far, but still a good distance when it comes to having to get up and feed the furnace at the farm at night, check and move irrigation, etc. With our upcoming move, it will be much easier for Tony...and for all of us.

I am so thankful to my in-laws for the work they put into the farm house. I can't imagine how hard it must be emotionally at times for them to be moving out...even though they are moving to a new house less than 1/8 mile away, they are moving out of the house that they raised their family in, all seven children. But I am also thankful they are ready to move into their new house, especially since it will be so much easier for Tony to take care of the farm.

The majority of things are out of the farm house. There are still some things Mama doesn't know what to do with, move them to the new house, sell them at a yard sale, pass on to one of her children. So for now, much is being stored in an out building until warmer weather comes.

I've started cleaning the farm house this week. Time takes it's toll. It's an old farm house, so there are nooks and crannies where over the years mice have found their way in and left evidence of their presence. I'm wiping down everything, vacuuming carpets (and will be shampooing them), disinfecting, sweeping, dusting, and the kids are having a blast clearing out the cobwebs. Swifter and Watkins cleaners are my friends; my dust mask and disposable gloves are part of my attire. I'm making note of what needs Tony's attention...some nails to be pounded in, nooks and crannies to be filled in, what needs to be repainted, repaired, light fixtures he'll have to get down to be cleaned. I'm finding little cubby holes, seeing treasures from over the years, and letting my imagination go to what fun Tony and his siblings must have had growing up where our children will now grow up.

Luke and Susanna are delighted with what will be their new rooms. Susi has some unrealistic ideas for how she wants her room to be (perils from watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! -- no, honey, those are NOT the kind of rooms most kids have!).

So far, I've done a pretty thorough cleaning of the kids' new play room, except for the floor. Years ago, it used to be their Daddy's bedroom downstairs. I've also done everything except shampoo the carpets in their new bedrooms. Saturday, I hope to start and finish cleaning what will be their school area and possibly my office area...then it's on to the kitchen/dining area, the family room, the bathrooms, and our "new" bedroom before finishing off the rest of the basement.

We're looking forward to the move....and if you have some free time the next few weeks and are bored, stop by to help clean!


Martha said...

How exciting ... and overwhelming, Lin!! I'm glad that Tony's parents will be close by, though, so they won't necessarily have to feel like they've deserted that home that they have loved for so many years.

Keep us posted on the progress!

Andria said...

Wow... how exciting for you all... and what a gorgeous farm... almost makes this city girl rethink things... but, not quite :) Best wishes for a smooth move and a wonderful life in your new/old home :)

Paula said...

How fun! There's nothing like old farm houses--especially ones you grew up in.

Peg Toth said...

We are so excited for all of you, I'm thankful that Russ and Maggie have such a nice house to move to. Should be so much easier for them to take care of. Thankful you will finally have storage space! Would love to be there to help now. Hoping to come up maybe sometime in late April???We'll see. Love to all

Brownie said...

I believe I have spent some time in that house - probably some youth group get together.

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