Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recent Observations Around Here...

  • Papa and Grandma arrived Tuesday afternoon, yippee!
  • We still have our Christmas cards hanging up.
  • A certain 6-year-old lost two bottom teeth in the past month. We're hoping the front top teeth don't even become loose until AFTER sweet corn season is done!
  • Children dressing like twins involves not only wearing the same thing on the outside, but both of them wearing boys' white briefs. Even though one is a 6-year-old girl.
  • God's blessings and goodness are so good....all the time.
  • No matter how tired you are, snuggling a child will bring a smile to your face
  • The strawberries this year taste better than I've ever had before
  • My Christmas window cling-ons are still up
  • Somehow, my 6-year-old is a whizz at math. He rattles off number problems almost faster than I can figure them out (2 and 2 is 4; 4 and 4 is 8; 8 and 8 is 16, 16 and 16 is 32, 32 and 32 is 64....3 and 3 is 6; 6 and 6 is 12; 12 and 12 is 24; 24 and 24 is 48; 48 and 48 is 86 -- okay, I know that last one is wrong, but he just hasn't figured out about carrying the 1 -- and this is all 100% self-taught)
  • My 5-year-old is motivated to work simply by reminding her that Papa and Grandma are coming and does she REALLY want them to see her room looking the way it does???
  • My husband will eat anything put in front of him. Almost.
  • The fair is incredibly busy this year....and it only opened yesterday!
  • God has blessed my husband with the wonderful gift of being able to grow just about everything; the other night for supper we had: our own chicken, our own baby-greens lettuce with our own strawberries sliced in; our own asparagus; our own tomatoes with our own basil (okay, the basil is grown by me), fresh mozzerella, and olive oil. It was delicious!
  • There aren't enough hours in the day...but even if there were more, I'd have 'em filled with too much to do!
  • God is too huge for my puny mind to fathom...but He loves me and spoils me! (Have any of you seen Rob Bell's "Everything is Spiritual? Or Louie Giglio (sp?)'s "The Awesomeness of God"? WOW! Blew my mind! Gave me a totally different concept of God!)
  • Watching fireworks with children for the first time is a great thing....even sparklers bring great delight!
  • A half dollar left under the pillow leaves greater joy than a dollar.
  • My little girl is growing up too fast.


Anonymous said...

Nice to get a glimpse into your life. Thanks for sharing. Love to your parents. Enjoy their visit! I know it will be entirely too brief. Bless you! Lilly

Karen said...

Summer time...busy time.
We love to have home-grown stuff, too!

Martha said...

Leave your Christmas stuff up. Less to do come November. :)