Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Wifely and Motherly Pride

The Bible says we shouldn't be proud, but I think there are times that are exceptions. I'm not proud of myself, but I AM proud of the men in my life.

Yesterday, we had home school co-op (which I just LOVE and am so blessed that we live in an area that offers so many great classes for home schoolers....). The first week of classes, there was a little girl who made quite a positive impression on me. She is cute as a button, but not in ways that one would immediately think. She fell down in gym class (or "phy ed" as it's called here in northern Minnesota) and got all teary, so I took her to find mom and some comfort. Poor Christy, one of several children, was told to "buck up" -- Mom told me in an aside that Christy tends to be dramatic...and I can relate with our own drama queetn at home. Christy did. She bit her lip, dried her eyes, and went back and joined the other kids. Christy has great big eyes, made even bigger by the great big glasses in front of them. She is usually wearing an adorable dress with a matching hat (which she calls her "thinking cap") and is about 5 years old. Luke has taken a shine to her, but more like in a protector way. Monday at co-op in phy ed, one of the other boys took the ball away from Christy when she had it, and Luke went after him, effectively blocking him and keeping him occupied so Christy could get the ball and play with it. In classes later that afternoon, she had to make sure she sat right by Luke because "he's my friend." During History/Science, she did guess that the circumfrence of a pumpkin was three inches (it was 25) and there were probably 100,000 seeds (there were 269), but then again, Christy wasn't wearing her thinking cap yesterday. I love how Luke always talks about Christy and how he is her "protector" and no kids are gonna pick on her again when he's around!

The other reason I'm so proud right now is my husband is currently downstairs making a start-from-scratch pumpkin pie -- baked the pumpkin, working on the crust, everything. He did come up to ask where the blender was as well as the cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. What a guy! And this is after he made supper (wrapped tortillas), cleaned up the entire kitchen, including emptying and reloading the dish washer, and bathed the kids before putting them to bed, too. What a guy! (Of course, I choose to think this is all because he loves me and not because I'm tapped out and fighting pure exhaustion right now...it's off to bed for me once this is posted).

I'm also proud of my sweet pea, too. We've been struggling again with lots of disobedience and attitude problems, so there aren't a whole lot of things immediately coming to mind, but I sure did appreciate her coming over to rub my shoulders and back as I was laying on the couch after supper (even if she almost knocked me off the couch a few times in her enthusiasm).

On a completely unrelated note, I've never seen the need to make a start-from-scratch pumpkin pie before, although I've made some quick ones to sell during our pumpkin parties before. I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie, personally. I make squash occasionally for my husband, even though I don't like it, but I've never thought of making him a pumpkin pie before........


Martha said...

If you're homeschooling, why are you taking your kids out of your home to go to classes? No need to give me a lecture. I just have always wanted to ask a homeschooler mom that! :)

I've made several from scratch pumpkin pies this year with the help of Timothy. He's going to be the child cook of this family for sure!

precious grandma said...

I tried a new pumpkin pie using the seasonal pumpkin pudding by Jello.
Graham cracker crust (didn't have one so I started that from scratch).
1 pkg pumpkin pudding mix, 1 C milk, 1/4 tsp Watkins Cinnamon. Mix until blended. Pour 1.5 C into the crust. Mix 1.5 C. cool whip with the remaing pudding, put on top of 1st layer. Chill 1 hr. Top with remaining cool whip. and 1/2 C honey toasted pecan pieces. (1 Tbs. honey, 1/2 C pecans...stir over med heat for 2 - 4 min. Cool on wax paper, break up clumps)
It was VERY GOOD! took less than 10 min. to make
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
PS I like the men in your life, too...and Susi, of course and her mom.

Karen said...

In Paraguay...I start from scratch! I made a pumpkin pie about a week ago, and had to either give 3/4 of it away or eat it all myself. I should have invited Tony over! hahaha

Amanda said...

This is a wonderful post... giving praise where it is due... loving on those who love us... well done mom!