Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do You Know Why I'm Crying?? (part 2)

So tonight, as she was whining and crying because she wasn't getting her way (she didn't want to go to bed...and she was GOING to go to bed!), Susi pulled her usual "But do you KNOW why I'm crying???"

"Yes, Susanna. Because Jesus died and you miss Him."

"No! Because, wait, I mean yes! But also because I forget what He looks like........waaaahhhhhh!"


precious grandma said...

What a gal! I love her! (and, Luke, too.

Martha said...

Oh brother. You're going to have some very fun adolescent years coming up, Lin!

Amanda said...

OH my goodnesss... YEAH you guys for raising your kids to know the Lord and love Him!!! You are giving them the greatest gift ever!!

Great job mom and dad!


Brownie said...

She sounds like something else! Maybe we'll hook her and Red up in the far future years... their kids would be a good "pay back."

Just kidding.

When Red is disciplined he says with a grin "that's so funny!" I don't know why it would be, I'd be crying.